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Beginnings: Explore, Grow, and Serve

Portrait of Matthew Fisher
Matthew Fisher
Jun 1, 2024
Glassy water with reflections of trees

Hey there, thanks for stopping by! The update to my website was long overdue, and now that it’s launched, I want to share the backstory and my goals.


Friends’ parents used to call me the “Boy with the Camera.” I was always capturing the world around me, freezing moments in time. This started with photography and evolved into travel, entrepreneurship, personal growth, and more. My interests have changed, but the common thread of capturing and making sense of world's complexities remains.

By exploring and capturing these moments, I constantly learn and grow. Sharing these experiences allows me to serve others. This aligns perfectly with my current understanding of my life purpose: to explore, grow, and serve others.

My purpose is to explore, grow, and serve others.


I’ve been grappling with this concept of purpose for several months now. It’s challenging but necessary to guide my life in a positive direction. I believe everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and I’m beginning to understand that creating clarity out of complexity is a critical part of my Zone of Genius (Gay Hendricks).

Matthew standing overlooking trees in San Antonio, TX

My recent implementation of a Second Brain—the idea developed by Tiago Forte of digitally extending one’s capabilities into a digital note-taking system—has been transformative for me. After only a few weeks, I’m already noticing how organized thinking and outsourced memory free me up to creatively explore the connections between ideas.

The Blog

This blog is a place to share my experiences and lessons from topics that matter to me, offering inspiration and practical tips for work and life. Serving others is a key part of my purpose, and this blog is a means to that end.

Sitting on a rock ledge overlooking a former quarry

Expect to read about my experiences, lessons, and adventures. My theme for 2024 is "adventure," and I have some exciting experiences to share. Expect to read about:

  • Nature
  • Travel
  • Adventure / exploration
  • Personal growth
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Photography
  • Technology
  • Language
  • Finance

May the journey be a good one,

The Boy with the Camera

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